Best Sardinia Wine

Best Sardinia Ionized Wine

Anàdi Reale

Blend: 100% Syrah
Red Wine IGT

Anadi reale

The taste of the best Sardinian red in a bottled poem.
Anadi Reale was the wine nectar of Bacchus, the God of mysteries.
A crazy, fearless wine, it helps you to dream of the most beautiful things.


50% Sangiovese, 30% autochthonous red grape variety, 20% Merlot.
Red Wine IGT


Fiery Sardinian red.
Anadi, 15 degrees that are good for health.
Arouses desire like the brilliance of the moon.
It should not be used moderately.


70% Vermentino, 30% Nuragus.
White Wine IGT

Concairdi 1

Concairdi, a delicate white from Sardinia, knows the secrets of the future.
It is the intellectual part of a candlelit dinner.

Dulche Mugori

100% autochthonous white grape variety.
White Wine IGT

Dulghe mugori 2

Dulche Mugori, sweet fruity gold, natural partner of sebadas.
For the vicious who suffer the wine as a sentence and for connoisseurs who use it as a prayer.

Best Sardinia Wine

Cantina "I Germani"

We are in Southern Sardinia, our land is red and lively, our grapes are round, pulpy.
It is the Sardinian passion that guides us, in our slow, precious work, made up of effort and satisfaction.

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Our family gave birth to Cantina I Germani more than thirty years ago, passing on the traditions and love for this work to subsequent generations, who over the years have expanded the business by diversifying the offer.

The company’s collaborators have embarked on a path of specialization and, by constantly updating their skills according to the evolution of the sector, they have been able to wisely combine tradition and modernity in the sale of wine all over the world.

The introduction of innovative agronomic techniques, the use of biological and natural substances and the use of cutting-edge equipment have allowed the evolution of the company which, from a small farmhouse, has become a reality of the highest level, managed not only from the family, but also from a staff of people who have embraced a genuine and simple lifestyle.

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La nostra famiglia ha dato vita alla Cantina I Germani più di trent’anni fa, tramandando le tradizioni e l’amore per questo lavoro alle generazioni successive, che negli anni hanno ampliato l’attività diversificando l’offerta.

I collaboratori dell’azienda hanno intrapreso un percorso di specializzazione e, aggiornando costantemente le proprie competenze secondo l’evoluzione del settore, hanno saputo coniugare sapientemente tradizione e modernità nella vendita del vino in tutto il mondo.

L’introduzione di tecniche agronomiche innovative, l’utilizzo di sostanze biologiche e naturali e l’utilizzo di attrezzature all’avanguardia hanno permesso l’evoluzione dell’azienda che, da piccola cascina, è diventata una realtà di altissimo livello, gestita non solo dall’attività famiglia, ma anche da uno staff di persone che hanno abbracciato uno stile di vita genuino e semplice.

Bio mission

i germani

The finest grapes are grown and harvested to give life to the typical wines of the Sardinian tradition, in full respect of the environment and without the use of chemicals in the crops or in the final product.

The sale of our wine is based on an ideal made of genuineness and simplicity, practicing an organic culture and without additives to enhance the taste of wine, to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

logo bsw magisk MAGISK.itVengono coltivate e vendemmiate le uve più raffinate per dare vita ai vini tipici della tradizione sarda, nel pieno rispetto dell’ambiente e senza l’utilizzo di sostanze chimiche nelle coltivazioni o nel prodotto finale.

La vendita del nostro vino si basa su un ideale fatto di genuinità e semplicità, praticando una cultura bio e senza additivi per esaltare il gusto del vino, per soddisfare anche i palati più esigenti.

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